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Carlo Bressan

A creative entrepreneur, world traveler, trainer, innovator, and team player at heart, Carlo Bressan has over 25 years of dedicated experience as a Results Coach in Peak Performance Integration, continuously updating and implementing his research on the most advanced Mind/Body Learning Methodology and their application on Sports, Wellness and Communication.
In 1994 he developed the “Metodo Bressan” a Sports Training System (using Music as a Chronometer for increasing performance in technical drills), mainly applied in Basketball.

The Teach to Learn philosophy drove Carlo to write a book “Training at the Speed of Sound”, compose a series of Monthly Training Programs Drills on CDs, and develop a software ChronoMusic© that allows to use Music as a Chronometer on Sports Training (all his projects are protected by International Copyright #TXu 676-424, registered on 1-23-1995 at the ‘United States Copyright Office - Library of Congress’, Washington D.C., USA).

With his system he’s been Conditioning Coach for 7 years for the Italian Basketball Women National Team, Youth & Senior, trained also their Olympic Team. His unique training system report has been published worldwide by FIBA (International Basketball Federation). Nationally we have seen it on the official magazine of: Italian Basketball Federation, Italian Fitness Federation, in many major sports magazines, trend magazines and a wide variety of newspapers.

He’s been presented in National TV and on Satellite TV for 11 times (live entertainment shows of his system, during the half-time of National/International basketball games, even with 128 players at once during the workout), he's been on TV News with a reportage titled: “The Wizard of Basketball Training”, been guest on TV Sports Programs, selected as the Women All Star Game Conditioning Coach (Italy).
He's also been invited to led a workshop to the conditioning coaches of Inter Milan Soccer Team (2010 World Champion), at their Training Center.

Carlo widened the applications of his method by applying it into yoga (he's a certified Yoga Therapy Teacher), meditation and wellness. He tailored it for Wellness and Peak Performance with a Yoga Innovations Program and a new strategy called 'Powerbreath - The Energizing Rest’: natural rhythmic sounds that leads you through a respiratory training (combined with Brains Waves Entrainment), ideal to reduce the recovery times between workouts in sports, boost the immune system self-healing capabilities and facilitate stress management. This approach has already found a wide range of applications in the Wellness community.

In 2002 he trained Beth Arnoult, an American wheelchair tennis player. These are the results of that season: from #42 in the World Ranking, she climbed up to #18, and entered among the Top #3 positions on the U.S.A. Ranking.
She got in the American National Team, participating in the Women's World Cup Wheelchair Tennis: she becomes World Champion in the Double and won the Team’s silver medal.
In October 2002 Beth has been rewarded by the U.S.T.A. (United States Tennis Association) as the "Most Improved Female Player of the Year".

Carlo Bressan trained thousands of players with his Results Coaching methodology; he led workouts with many PRO Sports Teams and conducted various Teacher Training Workshops & Certification, Sports Summer Camps, School Projects, International Fitness Convention and led over 60 Seminars on the subject, both Nationally and Internationally.

But as we know a “One Man Show” success can be overwhelming. In the long run it became too much, since every months he was constantly on the road, traveling all over to lead workshops & workouts, dealing with music creation & cd production, designing new workouts, doing the marketing, managing his website...

So he decided that the time was ripe to get out of the Rat Race and start working ON his system instead of IN his system.

In 2006 he began studying Internet Marketing & SEO for promoting his business online, and quickly he end up getting outstanding results in SEO to the point that he became SEO Consultant for a major Sports Marketing Company (within 3 months his client went from having 8 Key Phrases on Google’s 1st Page of to having 226 Key Phrases on 1st Page, and many of them with multiple positions, adding up to over 700).

That’s how Web707, Carlo Bressan Web Marketing Agency, was born. Driven by his innovative spirit he chose to set up his business as a Virtual Office, so he can work from anywhere in the world, he carefully pick and train his own highly-efficient Virtual Team (so they can also be free to work from where they want) and set up reliable Systems so that the business works exactly the same way every time, implementing the philosophy of working ON the business instead of IN the business, while still getting outstanding results for his clients.

The owner of a Wellness Center in Maui (Hawaii) contacted Carlo for a Coaching Strategy Session since their business was running in red and, no matter what they have tried they were unable to get out of it. Carlo's helped them to identify and understand their own unique strengths & weakness compared to their local market competition and suggested first to differentiate their positioning and then to implement a personalized marketing plan. Within 3 months the Center more than triple their profits and got out of debt.

Carlo he's always on the lookout to apply his researches on Peak Performance Integration in new fields, and in the last 6 years he's been focusing his attention to Online Business Marketing, Sales & Communication. He's motivated to inspire and help business owners to replicate his Profitable Business Model and deliver High Quality Services while conducting a fulfilling lifestyle, out of the Rat Race if they choose to.

Carlo Bressan

Whenever he start with a new client project he's able to turn his passion into action, switch to Results Coach gear, and fully focus on the task till the client’s goals are met and new reliable systems have been put into place.

Carlo Bressan commitment to deliver excellence
is always been the foundation of his philosophy.

That's why he's been known as the Results Coach.

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