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Become THE Online Celebrity in your Market

Double Your Website Audience

If you are not on Google first page,

how much is it costing you?

Can your business easily be found online?
If not, you are virtually losing clients (and money) every day to your competition.

It’s estimated that roughly 300 million people search Google alone daily. When these people hear about a company or product their first reaction is to check a search engine for more information. What the person receives after clicking search will probably determine whether they result in a conversion or not.

More Traffic to Your Website and Better Conversions

We help our clients solve these problems by identifying their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs and developing a Strategy to improve them. By using our cutting edge SEO services, your business will be easily found online. Our clients usually experience a dramatic increase in sales as a result of using our Web707 SEO services as it instantly put you and your business in a position to dominate your market and generate more customers.

Yes, is possible to Double Your Website Traffic in a matter of months.

What does it means to dominate the online market?

When you are considered an Authority in your area of expertise, and many "happy visitors" come to your site searching for quality information, Google gives you a Celebrity Status by positioning you on Top of the Search Engine. So, when you dominate the Online Market in your field, you not only get the 1st spot, but you may get a 2nd or even a 3rd position on the First Page. Then you are really dominating the market. Now, what happens if you have 9-out-of-10 Positions on the First Page in Google?
Would you think your potential customers will be able to find you or your competitors?

That's what recently happened to one of our Clients, ranking multiple positions with many targeted Keywords and Key Phrases. Here's the Case History Results on Google 1st Page:
9/10 positions, 4/10 positions (in front of 344.000.000 competitors), 8/10 positions (in front of 477.000.000 competitors), even 10/10 positions... and for some Key Phrases we were able t be on the 1st page within an hour from our client request.

In a matter of 3 months he went from having 8 Key Phrases on the 1st Page of Google to having 226 Key Phrases on the 1st Page, and many of them with multiple positions... adding up to over 700. How's that for being considered The Celebrity in your market?

Check the images below to get a feeling of what does it means for a visitor to see this results associated to a specific keyword (click Next/Prev to navigate).

9-out-of-10 Positions

on the First Page in Google?

Set Your Website Traffic in Autopilot

Let us help you generate more traffic and visibility with our Proven System.
You’re only 4 Steps away from transforming your site into a Customer Magnet.

Since every business and every market is unique, we take the time to get to know your current situation through a detailed and personalized consultation. After our initial consultation is complete, we then create and tailor fit a personalized and unique search engine optimization and internet marketing campaign directly around your specific short term and long term business goals.

Here are the 4 key points of our SEO Services:

1. Analysis

2. Strategy

3. Implementation

4. Ongoing Optimization

Of course we can't reveal here which specific cutting-edge strategies we use in our Proven SEO System. But just that you know, for every website our goal is to not only raise SEO ranking, but keep your website’s audience exponentially growing. We do this through white-hat techniques that progressively improve traffic over time, so that with our Ongoing Services, you can always stay ahead of your competition.

Stop Losing Business to Your Competitors

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