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Automated Online Webinars are currently one of the most effective strategy being used by businesses to increase sales on their products/services. One of the biggest advantages of this system is that it let you automatically play your presentations in order to sell your products and services, without requiring you to be there (yup, NO extra working hours required from you or your sales team)

The following is a list of why this system can be critical for your business.

1. The Live Presentations Replay System can be used to automate all the presentations/events you have recorded, allowing them to play multiple times a day, at scheduled times. Chances are you have a lot of great pre-recorded content you can use for an ongoing broadcasting sales tool or product – without having to create anything new. Using this technique only requires a small amount of setup time.

2. The impression that the viewer gets is that you’re actually on the event live. These presentations are produced by you and scheduled to play whenever you see fit – you don’t actually have to be at your computer, while they’re being watched.

3. Your products can be resold with the use of an automated campaign to a new list of buyers, using the same (best converting) presentation over and over. Simply setup a few replay events, and watch your sales climb once more.

4. Engaging your new sales prospects with webinars is a fantastic method. It’s an excellent way to get a prospective new client to opt-in to your list, and get mutually instant benefits. People tend to purchase more often, as consumer research shows, when a product is presented in a more dynamic format.

“In order for any business to work, it must become a SYSTEM, so that the business works exactly the same way every time, down to the very last detail.”

Michael GerberAuthor: The “E” Myth

Webinars are very useful and they are widely used to boost sales online, because it allows to broadcast a marketing message to a live audience and hence boost conversions, which is technically what all businesses want in the first place.

Using our Live Presentations Replay System can definitely help you reach your customers and generate sales without putting you under time limits.

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