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Your website: just another brochure or...

your most effective salesperson?

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Do your customers understands what makes your service/product unique? If not, are you aware that you are using your marketing efforts (and budget) to promote your competitors as well? In a world in which your customers receive over 10,000 messages per day, being "same-same" or choosing to be “one of the leading providers of” is a losing strategy. You must highlight the uniqueness of your solution and how you can help them to succeed.

"Business managers seem to believe that, once they've clicked through a PowerPoint presentation showcasing their conclusions, they've successfully communicated their ideas. What they've done is simply share data."

Chip & Dan HeathMade to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

Rise above the noise with your online presence. Differentiating the uniqueness of your Core Message with those of your competitors is the single most important point of your communication. On your website describe which unique feature your product or service offers to eliminate the Core Pain of your client. Describe the resulting benefits of your offer as experienced directly by the customer. Stop resembling. Start differentiating. Get Results.

Dont' forget to remember: Get results

  • When a visitor land on your website, does he Stop! *Think* Remember?
    The unexpected will break existing patterns and capture your customers attention.
  • Keep your message simple but to the point.
    Stay focus on the core solutions/benefits that you can deliver to your audience.
  • Use concrete examples rather than abstract statistics on your communication.
    What is easy to understand is easy to remember.
  • Make your content credible: quote trusted authorities, report specific examples,
    share direct experiences. If your audience don't trust you, they'll ignore you.
  • Would you like to feel this or that? Solve it now or later?
    Information makes your customers think, but emotion makes them act.
  • Make your presentations memorable: use stories to connect to your audience.
    People easily relate and remember how the problem arose and how it was dealt within a story.
  • Identify and highlight the transformational value of your offer
    and how your services can help them solve their problems / achieve their goals.
  • Call to Action. Get Results. At the end of the day, that's what will make a difference for you and for your clients. Let your website become your best salesperson yet.
At Web707 we can help you make your online communication more effective, packaging the core idea of your services in a way that it will be received by your audience as a highly valuable solution for them, easy to understand and to act upon.

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